The final round of the Yamaha/Quad-X Series took place at Glen Helen this weekend under perfect weather. The overall standings coming into this last race were very tight, with Dustin Nelson and David Haagsma just 3 points apart. The event would be decisive with the winner coming out as the Series Champion. David Haagsma dominated the first moto with a holeshot and a flawless race. Dustin Nelson was not about to let go his title that easily and turned things around for moto 2, taking his turn at the holeshot pulling his teammate Josh Row in tow. Nelson hold on to his title as much as he could but a small slide in a turn near the end of the race was just enough for Haagsma to slip through and take the win. In the end, Nelson and Haagsma were tied in points and the title went to Haagsma because he had won the last round. The outcome of the series’ season could not be closer!

Team H&M Motorsports once again proved that they are a force to be reckoned with, this second title coming in just a few weeks after Beau Baron secured the WORCS championship. Speaking of Baron, we raced solid and got away with 3r Overall, just ahead of Josh Row. For Elka Suspension, having the top 4 riders proves that the new Stage 5 was worth the efforts invested in that platform.

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