Yamaha Quad X Series Round 4 The Ranch, Anza, CA 5/6/12 – Round 4 of the Yamaha Quad X series was held in Anza, CA at The Ranch. The track is very sandy with a hard base, this combo makes for some slippery insides with rough, sandy berms on the outside of nearly every turn. The layout was fun with lots of switch back corners and a cool technical jump section around a corner just after the finish line.

David Haagsma, 1st Place

Moto 1: Davi Haagsma took the holeshot with me in 2nd followed closely by Josh Row and Beau Baron. The first time through the turning jump section I nearly ran into Haagsma as he lost his rhythm and I almost doubled into the side of him. Haagsma recovered in time to keep the lead and began to slowly pull away. After two laps Baron made the pass on Row for third and closed the gap to me as we started our battle for 2nd. I was riding the corners so hard trying to keep my momentum and match Haagsma and Baron’s straightaway speed. I eventually made a mistake and slid just a bit wide letting Baron pull up next to me. He had the preferred line down the next straight and took control of 2nd as we entered the next corner. Unfortunately I couldn’t mount a charge to try and take the position back. At the finish it was Haagsma, Baron, me, Row and Jesse Goss rounding out the top five.

Dustin Nelson, 2nd Place

Moto 2: Haagsma again took the holeshot and the GYTR/Yamalube $250 holeshot award. This time I left the gate really good but a mis-shift left me 6th around the first turn. As Haagsma began to pull away out front, Jason Fife had a great start in 2nd followed by Row, Baron, Goss and myself. Just past halfway through the first lap Baron pulled up lame with a broken Honda. I was able to pass Goss just before the turning jump section at the start of lap two and set out to join the battle for 2nd between Fife and Row. One lap later, Row caught an edge and missed his line letting by and into 3rd. A half lap later I powered down the inside of Fife and out broke him into a left hander to take the 2nd spot. With Haagsma way out front and me comfortably in 2nd the battle still raged for 3rd with Row eventually getting by Fife late in the race. When the checkers flew Haagsma took the win followed by me, Row, Fife and Goss.


Josh Row, 3rd Place

Round 4 of the Yamaha Quad X series was tough. The track was fun and there were some great battles. Unfortunately, all the battles were for 2nd place on back as Haagsma was way out front. I’m definitely going to need to find some more speed out of my bike and myself to get back to winning these things. Our next race is at a track I like and usually do well at so hopefully we can turn things around when we visit Speedworld Mx Park for round 5 on June23rd.

– Dustin Nelson #94



  1. David Haagsma (HON)
  2. Dustin Nelson (YAM)
  3. Josh Row (YAM)
  4. Jason Fife (YAM)
  5. Jesse Goss (SUZ)


  1. David Haagsma – 97 pts
  2. Dustin Nelson – 91 pts
  3. Josh Row – 75 pts
  4. Beau Baron – 70 pts
  5. Jason Fife – 68 pts

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