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From left to right: Stefano Caputo, Carlos Lopez, Felipe Vélez, Jose Luis M Vélez, Alejandro Avalos at the finish line.

Race Report from the Race Ready 250 San Felipe

Team Collin/ Felipe Vélez finished 3rd place in the ATV Pro Open class and 1st place In the sportmans class

”We had a great run for the first 70 miles of the race on the 1A quad TRX450r Elka/Roll/Duncan and we started at the very last place.” said Felipe Velez.

This was the 3rd race for the 1A quad after they finished the Baja 1000 and race the last CODE series they took the quad to the last race of the Baja in Mexico and see how good this quad will do after 1800 miles. With 3 big races and all the test time they blow an engine head gasket and had to run easy to make it to the finish line with the same luck but did finish and got a good 3rd place. It was very muddy because of all the rain they had but had much fun especially the first 50 miles before Valle de la Trinidad.

On their Sportsman class they finished with a very strong 1st place and was the 5th overall quad to finish the race.

Team Collin/Felipe Vélez would like to thanks friends and teammates: DamaZio Madueña, Arnoldo Castañeda, Jose Luis M Velez, Rafael Torres.

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Above: Juan Luis M Velez

Pro Open ATV class winners

Roberto Villalobos & Cristian Vera

1st Roberto Villalobos/Francisco Vera (Elka)

2nd PRO

2nd Juan Sanches /Angel Sanches (Elka)

3rd Rafael torres/ Felipe Velez (Elka)

Sportsmans ATV class

1st Sportsman

1st Arnoldo Castañeda/ Jose Luis Meza (Elka)

Pablo Garnica 2nd Sportsman

2nd Pablo Gonzalez / Francisco Perez (Elka)


3rd Hector Orosco/ Oscar Espinoza (Elka)

Team Collin/ Felipe Vélez would like to thank the sponsors for all the great support

Elka Suspension, Roll Design, Duncan, Vortex ignition, Tcs, Sdg seats, Rpm axels, JE pistons, Quad75, Renthal, DLRteam, Baja ATV riders only, Fastway.