Racetown logs

Round 4 of the WORCS series was held at Racetown 395 in Victorville California.  This was my first time riding since being injured at Lake Havasu.  The doctor wouldn’t let me do anything for training other than walking and riding a stationary bike for five weeks.  I got released to do whatever I wanted to do the Wednesday before the race.  So we packed up and headed down that night.

I tried to practice Friday but due to so many people being injured that day they cancelled practice.  I only got two slow laps in looking at the track.  So Saturday during qualifying was my time to shake the cob webs off.  It showed as I got tired and recorded my worst qualifying position of the season, 14th out of 18.  I was discouraged but just looked forward to the race on Sunday.

Sunday rolled around and I felt excited and ready to ride.  I knew I was out of shape and came up with a race plan to compensate.  I would go for the start and run a steady pace to the end.  I had a great jump but immediately got hit from the left side and bounced off of the guy to my right.  I stayed in it and came out of the first corner in 9th but quickly dropped to 12th.  My plan worked pretty well as I stayed steady through the race and picked people off as they broke or got tired.  At the end I was able to finish 9th.

The 9th place finish was enough to move me up to 5th overall in points.  I am happy with how well things went and I’m looking forward to Round 5.  I will be in much better shape and should have a great finish.

Thanks for all of your support.

Robbie Mitchell #14

(Photos courtesy of Tina Lugan)