Every November, the world’s best ATV riders, families, and teams trade in their helmets, tools, and pit boards for dress shirts, ties, and nice shoes. Morgantown, West Virginia hosted The Mountain Dew AMA ATV National Championship series awards banquets this past weekend. This year, for the first time in years, the awards banquet not only honored the series’ amateurs, but professionals as well. Much like the previous year when he was named the 4-Stroke A class National Champion, Cody Janssen would receive another prestigious honor on this evening.

ROY_Award2    A 22 year old college student and professional athlete, rookie ATV Pro, Cody Janssen, overcame many obstacles over the course of the 2014 season. From crashes to mechanical failures, and a year full of adjusting to life in the Pro Class, he admits it was the toughest season to date. But a professional overcomes adversity to show his or her grit and full potential. Well, Cody did overcome that adversity and showed much grit, determination, and heart in the process; for that he was awarded Saturday night. Not that it was a secret, but it was now official. Cody Janssen was officially named the 2014 AMA ATV Pro Rookie of the Year. After accepting this coveted award, the series’ most outstanding rookie credited his sponsors, supporter, but most of all his family. Fighting back tears, he thanked his parents for all the sacrifices and hardship they endure for him to be able to chase his dream. Following the heartfelt words he spoke, it was official and no longer a dream he had as a child, Cody Janssen was the reigning AMA ATV Pro Rookie of the Year.

The future is very bright for the #40 rider, Cody Janssen. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s an uncertain future, but he did make it known that financial support is needed for this dream to continue to be chased. When asked about it, Janssen said he wanted to continue to be a drug and alcohol free role model for the youth of the sport and show that by doing the right thing and keeping your priorities in line dreams can become reality.

“I have faith that I will get the help I need to keep doing this for long into the future, God willing I will be at the races. I need to be at the races!” He said. “I want this to be the start of a great professional career for my family and I.”

-Cody Janssen

2014 AMA ATV Pro Rookie of the Year

                  Finally, but most importantly, Cody must thank the great people who made this award possible. First and foremost, he must thank his parents and everyone at Janssen Motorsports. Also, it wouldn’t have been possible without everyone at Elka Suspension, Corrosion Specialties and the Parrish family, Maxxis Tires, SSI Decals, Walsh Racecraft, FMF, Sconnie Nation, Renthal, DP Brakes, Thor MX, 100%, Oshkosh Tattoo and Good Girl Piercing, Napa of Peru, Indiana; Tweeked Powderworks, Honda East Toledo, Rath Racing, Hinson Clutch Components, CP-Carrillo, KIK ATV, Maxima, Sunstar Sprockets, D.I.D, Don Straus, Pro-Tec, Jeremy Edwards, Corey Garrison at Parts Unlimited, Dynamic Graphics, Team Andystrong, Londerville Steel Enterprises, The Keane family, Works Connection, Ryno Power, Pivot Works/Cylinder Works/Vertex/Hot Rods/Hot Cams, DT1 Filters, and everyone else who shows support for the Pro Rookie of the Year. Stay tuned for more offseason news soon! God bless.