This past weekend was the BC Cup finals at Hemlock Valley. The Course was hands down the best BC Cup of the year. Out of the gate riders had to toss in a couple of pedal strokes and pretty much didn’t have to pedal again till the finish line. The course didn’t feature to many technical sections but made up for it by featuring back to back steep blown out berm’d loose corners or off camber beach corners in the top and middle section. The bottom section of the course had riders ripping up a fast open ski slope section that led into a series of jumps and berms before crossing the Finish Line.

Camp Of Champions Airbag

On top of the race, Camp of Champions came out and had there air bag on hand for riders to throw down some tricks into the air bag. As well as the money to the fastest times of the day there was money awarded for the longest distance travelled on the last jump by a racer in there race run along with money for the fastest speed trap.

Riders lining up for practice runs

Come race day Dunbar riders owned the hot seat all the way through Elite Men. Adam Mantle held the hot seat for 10 minutes until Robby took it off him, than Dan Sims took it and held it and took the win.

Your 2011 Canadian National Champ Andrew Mitchell on his way to the finish line

Your Pro Men Winner and Dunbar Cycles Head mechanic Dan Sims on his way to a 1st place finish

Podium Celebration !


1 Dan Sims (BC) Dunbar Cycles    2:42.58
2 Cory Brunelle (BC)    2:43.26
3 Kirk McDowall (BC)    2:44.35
4 Tyler Allison (BC)    2:44.52
5 Adriano Digiacinto (BC) Bryson Racing Clan    2:45.70
6 Jeffrey Bryson (BC) Bryson Racing Clan    2:45.82
7 Robert Venables (BC) Dunbar Cycles    2:47.16
8 Jeff Hunter (BC) Chromag/Devinci    2:47.26
9 Adam Mantle (BC) Dunbar Cycles    2:47.79
10 Ross Rosengrave (BC) Dunbar Cycles    2:48.84
11 Ryan Vanderham (BC) Rocky Mountain Bicycles    2:50.36
12 Andrew Mitchell (BC) Dunbar Cycles/Devinci    2:51.33
13 Chris Johnston (BC) Dunbar Cycles    2:58.14
14 J.S. Therrien (BC) Trident Racing    2:59.09
15 Tyler Gorz (BC)    2:59.57
16 Cameron Porteous (BC) Dunbar Cycles    3:00.47
17 Tristan Olk (BC) Steed Cycles    3:00.79
18 Aaron Dobie (BC) Dunbar Cycles    3:01.92
19 Alex Currie (BC)    3:05.50
20 Ken Faubert (BC) Dunbar Cycles    3:06.93
21 Ewan Fafard (BC) Independent    3:08.06
22 Christopher Schnettler (NW)    3:21.19
23 Nick Grimm (BC) Bryson Racing Clan    3:28.83
24 Justin Dale (BC) Dunbar Cycles    4:23.36
DNS Daniel Anderson (BC) Cove Bikes
DNS Brian Serneels (BC) Cove Bikes/Sombrio