#55 Tim Wyatt rolled into Primm Nevada with the Racer Tech ,Elka Suspension ,Motosport Alloys EFX Polaris XP 900 on Saturday Morning very excited and confident about the days race.

At primm there is no practice only a parade lap to get a look at the track. With that said we were feeling a little nervous about our set up and could all guess at it at this point. The parade lap only proved our fear. The track was extremely rough deep ruts miles of massive whoops and a dusty pro truck track with no visibility. The track was so rough I lost the hood to the XP on the Parade lap. 

Our plan was to then just get off the line and set a pace this was going to be a race of survival. We settled in and raced a strong race . The Racer Tech high clearance xp 900 Arms worked great running though the deep ruts at Primm. The Elka Suspension with the stage4 remote shocks had my machine soaking up the jumps and whoops at any speed I was willing to push the machine. 

I have never punished a machine this hard before. We will take our solid finish and load the machine up and head to Round 3 

 Tim Wyatt