May 10-12, 2013 Taft, CA WORCS Round 5- Honolulu Hills Raceway

WORCS racing would pass the half-way point in the series for Round 5 at Honolulu Hills Raceway in Taft, CA. Once again hydration would be key for this weekend of temperatures in the high 90’s, zapping every rider’s energy and making water and Gatorade disappears like beer at a frat house party.

2Kyler Thau, 224 of Chico, CA would have an epic but challenging weekend of racing. Having recently switched into the 12-15 Production class, some confusion with the tags and plates would get him on the wrong start line that ultimately would lead to a DSQ although he finished with a strong first place, having over a minute lead for the fastest lap in that class. In the 12-15 Production Sport, he would take home a second place WORCS trophy and is currently holding a 2nd place in points in that class. In the Sport 8-15 class, Kyler took home a 1st place and a big smile….…as he cleared the 100 ft. step up on his 90cc Stage 5 Elka Equipped Apex with jaw-dropping ease. His size and handling of this Apex is ideal at his height and weight and it is obvious when you see him on it that he LOVES the power of that 2-stroke and could ride hard on it for hours on end. Sunday’s Production 250 Race would be another great battle of amazing riders and Kyler would ride well and finish 5th in that class of 11 riders on his Yamaha Raptor 250.

1With the shift now to the latter half of the season, the points will continue to be important for Kyler. There is some buzz about potentially making another haul to Loretta Lynn’s in August, to once again take on the fastest youth in America at Loretta’s and get another opportunity to race his Apex. With the confidence and handling Kyler has on his mini right now, it would be a great opportunity if he can get the support of his sponsors behind him, for him to come away with a strong finish at ATV Dirt Days. Please let him know if you can assist to get Kyler to Tennessee in August. Expenses include fuel, race entry fees and accommodations. Kyler can be reached on Facebook at Kyler Thau 224 (athlete page). https://www.facebook.com/Kyler224y

Round 6 of WORCS will bring us to new territory for the ATV’s at Pala Raceway in Pala, CA.

Kyler Thau would like to thank his 2013 sponsors: Elka Suspension, Answer Racing, CT Racing, Go Pro, Fast Flexx Bars, X Brand Goggles, ODI Grips, Triumph Motorsports, BRM Off Road, Gifted Productions, Slick Products Pro/Am Team, Hot Coats and Twin Air.