Yamaha Quad X Series Round 2                 Arizona Cycle Park, Buckeye, CA                                               4/17/11

Round  2 of the Yamaha Quad X series was held in Buckeye, AZ at the Arizona Cycle Park.  ACP is known for it’s blue grooved, hard packed dirt and dry, dusty conditions.  The weather wasn’t helping, with temps in the high 90’s the racers were in for a hot day in the Arizona desert.
Moto 1:  My #94 YFZ 450R pulled hard off the dirt starting pad and gave me the first holeshot of the day as Ethan Thatcher and Beau Baron followed me through turn one.  With a clear track ahead, I put down fast laps and tried to keep the mistakes to a minimum.  In the first half of our 20 minutes plus one lap moto I pulled a 4 second gap over the battle for 2nd place.  Just past half way Baron was able to make the pass on Thatcher to secure the 2nd spot.  Baron was able to cut into my lead through the second half of the race as I dealt with some arm pump and slowed my pace slightly.  At the finish I held on for the win with a two second cushion over Baron in 2nd, Thatcher came across in 3rd, with Jason Fife 4th and Johnny Shafe in 5th.
Moto 2:  Baron and I left the gate dead even, but my GYTR powered YFZ-R pulled just a bit harder to get me the 2nd moto holeshot and the $250 GYTR/Yamalube holeshot award.  Baron was riding good and I knew I needed to try and get away quickly.  I pulled a 3 second gap in the first 4 laps but Baron soon started closing the gap.  Beau and I had a rubber band effect as we made our way around the rough, slippery track, I would pull a second one lap and he would close by a second the next.  South African Dirkie Baard was running a very good second moto holding down a strong 3rd with Thatcher 4th and a tough battle between Jason Fife, Jesse Goss and Josh Row for 5th.  When the checkers flew I held on to take the win just ahead of a hard charging Baron. Baard took 3rd followed by Thatcher in 4th and Josh Row fought hard to take the battle for 5th.
Round 2 of the Yamaha Quad X series went very well for me.  Two holeshots and two moto wins is always the goal, and we pulled it off this weekend in rough, hot conditions.  My #94 YFZ 450R is working great and I’m really looking forward to the next Quad X race at Cahuilla Creek in Anza, CA on May 8th.  The track at Cahuilla Creek has lots of elevation change and should get pretty rough.
Top Five Results                                                                                               Top Three Points
1)      Dustin Nelson                   Yam                                       1)  Dustin Nelson             50

2)      Beau Baron                         Hon                                        2)  Beau Baron                   44

3)      Ethan Thatcher                 Suz                                         3)  Ethan Thatcher           40

4)      Dirkie  Baard                      Hon

5)      Jason Fife                            Yam