Yamaha Quad X Series Round 5 & 6                       Glen Helen Raceway,  Devore, CA          7/9-10/11

Rounds 5 and 6 of the Yamaha Quad X series were held as a double header weekend at Glen Helen Raceway.  Summer has officially started and hot, dry weather is the norm for Glen Helen in July.  Temps were in the mid 90’s for both days with little to no breeze, making for a tough two days.  The talk of the weekend was the 120’ triple that all the pros were sizing up.  I saved it for the final lap of practice on Saturday and was the only one to jump it all day.  By Sunday though, the top four in the pro class were jumping it every lap.

Round 5 Moto 1:  Beau Baron grabbed the holeshot while I spun horribly on the dirt start and rounded the first turn 10th.  I made quick of the pack, finishing the first lap in 6th and making the pass on Jeremie Warnia for 2nd on lap four.  Once into 2nd, I had an 8 second gap to make up on Baron in the lead.  With no traffic I was able to jump the 120’ triple in the back and closed the gap quickly.  For the final two laps I was all over Baron’s grab bar but could not find a place to pass.  The top five at the finish was Baron, me, Warnia, Dirkie Baard and Josh Row.

Round 5 Moto 2:  My #94 YFZ-R pulled me to a huge holeshot and the GYTR/Yamalube $250 Holeshot Award.  Out front early with clear track ahead, I laid down strong, fast laps and with the help of the triple, pulled out a 12 second gap by the halfway point of the moto.  By the finish my lead had grown to 22 seconds over Baron in 2nd, Row rode a great race to grab 3rd, with Davi Haagsma 4th and Warnia rounding out the top 5.

Round 6 Moto 1:  My #94 YFZ-R pulled me to another holeshot, just edging out Baron for the lead as we left the Talladega first turn.  With Baron now doing the triple he could stay close enough to follow my lines and latch onto my speed.  We were close the entire moto with me pulling a 2-3 second gap only to make a mistake and let Baron get right back to my grab bar.  When the checkers flew I won by 2 seconds over Baron, with Haagsma 3rd, Row 4th and Jason Fife 5th.

Round 6 Moto 2:  Baron grabbed the holeshot and the GYTR/Yamlube $250 Holeshot Award as wheelied off the start and hugged the inside of the first turn for 2nd.  As we came off the table top into turn two, Baron slightly over jumped and drifted wide and I turned my YFZ-R tight across the inside to immediately make the pass into the lead.  Out front with clear sailing again, I rode a stronger race than the first moto with fewer mistakes and steadily pulled away from Baron in 2nd and the battle for 3rd between Haagsma and Row.  At the finish I won by 10 seconds over Baron, Haagsma stayed strong to hold off Row in the fight for 3rd and Justin Jones rounded out the top five.

Rounds 5 and 6 of the Yamaha Quad X series are in the books and we came out of it with two more wins and another podium finish for Josh Row.  The bike feels great, we are 6 for 6 this year on overall wins and I’m hoping to keep our winning streak going when we meet again at Speedworld MX Park in September.

Top Five Results Rnd 5                                                                Top Five Results Rnd 6

1)      Dustin Nelson                  Yam                                      1)  Dustin Nelson            Yam

2)      Beau Baron                        Hon                                       2)  Beau Baron                  Hon

3)      Josh Row                            Yam                                      3)  Davi Haagsma             Hon

4)      Jeremie Warnia                              Can                                       4)  Josh Row                      Yam

5)      Dirkie Baard                      Hon                                       5)  Justin Jones                Hon

Top Five Points (after rnd 6)

1)      Dustin Nelson                  150

2)      Beau Baron                        124

3)      Josh Row                            109

4)      Ethan Thatcher                105

5)      Dirkie Baard                      94