Felipe Velez

Felipe Velez

Elka Pro Rider Felipe Vélez finished 2nd on the TRX450 Elka/Roll/Duncan

At the ZR Promotions Grand Prix Copa Autoproductos in Mexicali, México with a great weather with over 100 F. It was a very hot race. After drive to the race curse and pre-run the race curse our team Felipe Velez ATV Pro, Jose Luis M. Velez ATV Expert and Stefano Caputo Pro Over 35 were ready to start at 10:00am.

Felipe Velez

Felipe Velez

We got the Green flag and gas ON. Got the holeshot but got into a bad line and our good friend Javier Robles Q1 the defending champion passed Felipe Velez Q5 with 4 laps of 16 miles with an average of 40 miles in the heat it was hard for the Atvs and riders. It took 3 laps to pass Q1 but after same miles of fight for the 1st place we got exhausted and started to worry for heat stroke at the finish line Q1 Javier Robles finished 1st with 40 sec. lead on Q5 Felipe Velez and after 5 min the 3rd place was for (filemon) Gilberto Perez.

In the ATV Expert class Jose Luis M. Velez finished 2nd place after a bad start and Julio Banda Jr. got the top podium. Q3 Stefano Caputo finished 1st place on the ATV Pro over 35 class.

Our team came back home witH 3 trophies and very happy to see our friends at the race!


We would like to thank

Elka suspension

Roll design


Vortex ign.

Fat boy 4


Tire blocks

Baja atv riders

Dlr racing

Sdg seats


Premier motors

I would also like to thank my family for the great support, my wife and kids, my good friends in the pits Cocodilo, Chatillo, Nono and my 6 year old son Nicolas in the pits keep me going.