We got a very nice email from our buddy Alex Kollitz, the “Chief Speed Freak/Designer” at WARP Offroad. It’s always great to hear back from the riders, especially when it’s good news about winning races. Check out his email below:


Hey Guys,

Good news is that I got the Elka Stage 5 shocks in the mail on Thursday and was able to install them and get to Primm to race. Big thanks to Eric St-Louis for helping get these through the process.

I am racing the 4×4 quad class with my KYMCO MXU 700. My main competition is a guy who won the class last year and just bought a CanAm Renegade 850. I’m there with 45hp and he’s there with 78 and the stock shocks. I was in 2nd place for the whole race except for the last 300 feet or so. I caught him on the last turn into the front straight, launched the tabletop and came into the scoring chute with him on my bumper. The only way I did this is by upgrading to the Elkas. Doug Roll’s help at the track was phenomenal and he helped me dial in my race setup. Despite his heavy workload, he took the time needed to modify my front shocks to what I needed. I was surprised he was there as at Taft since he mentioned he would only be at four WORCS events. If there is anyway you could schedule him for all of the WORCS events? That would be supremely awesome! Elka’s support at the races was a prime consideration when I decided to focus on Elka as my shock supplier of choice. Doug’s knowledge is critical to my racing success.

I am also racing the SxS 700 Class with my KYMCO UXV 700 SxS. I won the championship last year and expect to contend for it again this year. I’m making a few changes to ensure I keep that #1 spot. Your shocks are a critical part of it.

Thanks for your support!

Alex Kollitz

Chief Speed Freak/Designer

WARP Offroad