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Sand Hollow, WORCS Racing Round 4

We headed out to Hurricane, UT this last weekend for round 4 of WORCS racing. Started out the weekend racing Prod A, I had a great start getting around everyone in the first lap, the bike ran great just needed some adjustments to my suspension. I ran most the race in first until getting passed after a good battle with some competition finish with a second for the day. After getting my Elka shocks adjusted and ready for pro-am the bike was ready to race. I started the race with a bad start having to make my way through the pack thanks to GPS and my Goldspeed tires pushing me through the sand and tire block making it so I don’t get a flat I made my way to the lead just after the second lap. Thanks to maxima oil my motor ran strong and my fasst bars i didn’t get tired through the rough 2 hour race landing in the number 1 box for the weekend.

– Chandler Waxman #44