This past weekend at Straddleline near Olympia, WA was fantastic! The weather was second-to-none and the racing was everything we could have hoped for. Best of all, Beau Baron walked away with it! This result was directly linked to the effort that Doug Roll, Mike Cafro and Beau (as well as the rest of the MCR team) put in before to attain the proper setup for the event. With a narrower Roll Design front end, a 27-hour drive each way 2 weeks before the event to practice and test and a lot of time on the phone between Doug and Mike for spring setups and changes while they were up there… brought a very important and potentially pivotal win from that hard work. Having Factory Yamaha (Dustin Nelson), Polaris (Jerrod McClure), Can-Am (Josh Frederick and Adam McGill) and Suzuki (Chris Borich) that include the top riders from the East coast made the win for Beau even sweeter. Davi Haagsma clinched the Pro-Am title and will be racing Pro at the next event, and Julie Russell won her event and I believe
clinched that as well.


The weekend was considered very successful from the viewpoint of helping racers, and realizing the value that we add at the track for the Elka brand as well as our services. Friday we were slammed all day and could estimate a nearly 13-hour day supporting racers with setups and more. After the events on Sunday, we had racers thanking us for what we are doing at the track for them.