Wyatt #55 WORCS Primm Round 2 SXS Pro Production race report.

Like most of the Pro class, we were all working on our machines right up to the start of the season, this in turn leaving little to no testing. After the mud fest of round 1, we still had no idea of what tuning was still needed and we were right back in the shop repairing mud and water damages.

Primm is known to be a very rough and demanding track full of deep ruts and miles of huge whoops. This round was no different. After the parade lap I knew I was in trouble and needed of a completely new shock set up. Doug from Elka suspension support went to work on the shocks, he rushed to put a new set up together and just minutes before I was to stage for the start, we rolled onto the line hoping we went the right direction.

They called the #55 to the line and it was time to choose my starting spot on row 2. I chose second position from the inside turn. As I sat on the line my game plan was let them all go and not get tangled up. I was the only Polaris on the row lined up with built Can Am’s and Wild Cats. Homer, (the flagger), gave us the point and then the green flag and my Muzzy Performance Polaris, XP 900 shot off the line and pulled the hole shot. Still not knowing what set up was underneath me, I cautiously took the first lap and settled in and drove my own race. After 45 minutes on a brutal and punishing track we finished solid in 6th place. It was a good points day. All in all, both Wyatt racing machines finished in the top 10 for round 2 and both machines are in the top 5 in points. We will take our points and move on to round 3 in Havasu.

Doug at Elka deserves all the credit today, he took a 25th place machine and gave us a solid top 10 finish. Thank you.

Holz racing package proved again to be an awesome kit. This xp 900 is the best I have ever had by far. GBC dirt commander tires hooked up AWESOME.

This race was extra special for me because my wife Kasey was here with me, she doesn’t get to travel to many of the races. I also got another surprise, my cousin from Oregon flew in to see the race as well. There is nothing cooler than to have your family with you at the races supporting you.

A special thank you to

Elka suspension, Muzzy performance, Polaris, Holz racing, GBC motorsports, OMF wheels, Dirty Dawg Performance, Rugged radio, and Simpson Racing.

 #55 Wyatt