This year has been extraordinary for the Elka Suspension racing team, marked by an unprecedented four championship titles. We are thrilled to celebrate these accomplishments, showcasing the determination and skill of our racers.

Brycen Neal: Conquering the ATV XC1 National Championship

Brycen Neals journey to clinching the ATV XC1 National Championship was nothing short of spectacular. Throughout the season, Brycen consistently showcased his racing prowess, proving his mettle at every turn. His journey serves as an inspiration to us, driving our team to continually innovate and refine our products to support such exceptional talent.

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What a year for the Brycen Neal

Beau Judge: Mastering the Worcs Racing 

Beau Judge‘s performance in the Worcs Racing round 8 at Mesquite, NV, was a masterclass in skill and determination. Navigating the ‘roughest short course track,’ Beau displayed remarkable control and strategy. His series of finishes – 5,2,5,1,1,1,1,1 – not only secured the 2023 championship in advance but also demonstrated the strength and reliability of Elka Suspension under challenging conditions.

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What a year for the Beau Judge

Joel Hetrick: Securing the AMA Pro ATV National Championship

Joel Hetrick‘s 2023 season culminated in a magnificent victory at the AMA Pro ATV National Championship at Briarcliff MX. His dominance on the track, underscored by a perfect 1-1 finish, was a testament to his exceptional skills. This remarkable win marked his fourth national title, solidifying Joel’s position as a leader in ATV.

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What a year for the Joel Hetrick

Beau Baron: A Legend in the Making at WORCS

Beau Baron‘s first-place finish in Pro ATV at WORCS Racing was more than just a win; it was a moment of history. Beau Baron’s achievement in WORCS is a testament to his outstanding abilities and dedication. While our suspension technology played a role in supporting Beau, it’s his unparalleled skill that truly made the difference. This drives us, at Elka Suspension, to keep pushing our limits, ensuring our products meet the high standards our athletes deserve.

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 What a year for the Beau Baron

Mike Cafro: Showcasing Grit at the Baja 1000

At the challenging #baja1000, Mike Cafro and his team exhibited exceptional resilience and teamwork. Finishing top 5 in class and overall in UTV amidst demanding conditions underscored their skill and perseverance. Mike’s success is a catalyst for us, reinforcing our commitment to developing products that help our athletes overcome even the most demanding conditions.

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What a year for Mike Cafro

The Miller Brothers: Excellence in MAO and King of the Hammers

The Miller brothers‘ performances in the intense world of Mid America Outdoors and the King of the Hammers were a display of resilience and top-tier racing prowess. Their podium finishes and consistent performances throughout the year were remarkable. As for the results, Cody finished first, closely followed by his brother Hunter, who finished 3rd. As they prepare for 2024, their goal is to achieve top honors at the King Of The Hammer race. This motivation reflects their unwavering spirit and Elka Suspension’s commitment to supporting their quest for glory.

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What a year for the Miller borhters

As we look back on the achievements of 2023, we feel immense pride in our racers’ successes and are motivated to continue pushing the limits of our technology. We eagerly anticipate what 2024 will bring and promise to keep providing our racers with the support they need to surpass their goals. Here’s to another year of record-breaking performances with Team Elka! 🚀