Nov 30th, Dec 1-2 was CODE OFFROAD Mexicali to San Felipe 275

TEAM Colin /Felipe Vélez Q3

The team takes 2nd place in the atv pro class and 2nd on code championship aboard on the trx450r elka/roll/duncan.

We race the last Baja 1000 on the same quad, we took the quad to a car wash and put new numbers to race code, the quad ran perfect until we ran out off gas at mile 79. Our chase car didn’t make it to the pit at mile 45 because it got stop by the local police and didn’t make it on time. By the time we got back into the race we were all the way back with 56 minutes behind the lead quad. We had to pass novice and sportsman classes and have a solid run to the finish line which was in our hometown in San Felipe, Mexico .

Our quad is ready for the last race of the year in the record race we will put fresh tires and keep going after 1400 miles of racing on the trx450r elka/roll/duncan.


Javier Robles jr. Q1

Got the gold in the pro atv class

They had a strong finish and keep the code series championship for the 3rd time on his trx450r elka/roll






Javier Curiel Q65

Won the sportsman class on his trx450r elka/roll

They had a perfect race and had a big battle all the way to the finish line with Alex Romo