Chandler, AZ March 9, 2011
The number of racers on the Apex Race Ready Production 250 doubled from WORCS Round #1 to WORCS Round #2. In Round #1 TJ and Tyler Beckman were the only Apex 250 riders. Despite a Round #1 disaster when the Beckman Brothers took each other out on a 65 foot step up…….

2 new WORCS riders stepped up for Round #2 in Primm Nevada and rode the Apex 250!!!!! All 4 of the young men on the Apex 250’s earned a podium finish over the weekend. Many ATV enthusiasts were impressed and loved the Apex 250. Currently the Apex 250 has been selling well, despite the economy. Riders across the US, Canada, South America and Australia have all purchased 250’s.
Apex is now building a 450cc Production quad for release soon. Owner Greg Beckman says “We race what we sell”. Currently the Apex 50cc, 70cc, 85cc Shifter, and 100cc are tearing it up at the race track!
For more information go to or call (480) 507-5050
For Test Rides meet us in Lake Havasu at the WORCS Race March 18-20th

#979 Bryce Kitchen            #74 TJ Beckman                      #88 Tyler Beckman                  #2822 Chase Pinckard
All on their  AMA Legal Apex 250’s!!!!!