Apex Takes 1st in Every CVT Class
& Dominates Stock Classes!!!
See www.worcsracing.com for details.

Kyle Downes             Emma Johnson            Kyler Thau                    Tyler Lewis “Holeshot Winner”  &

1st 50cc 4-6yr        1st 50cc 7-8yr          1st 70cc Stock         1st 90cc Stock

Travis Beckman Sweeps all 3 Classes….Again

On his Apex took 1st in the 70 Open, 70 Production and In the most competitive class the Sport 8-15.

4 Apex 250’s Race in the 250 Production Classes

On the line in Primm Nevada were 4 Riders on Apex 250’s!!!  Bryce Kitchen and Chase Pinckard the Newest 250 riders showed how well the 250 handles while TJ and Tyler Beckman (brothers) managed to keepfrom taking each other out on the track! All the boys had podium finishes over the weekend!!! Congratulations All the Apex Riders!!!!  Nice Job!