On July 22, 2012, one week before the ATV MX National at Red Bud, Cody Janssen made an appearance at the WATVMX event in Gillett, WI. “More than anything I just wanted to see how my thumb was going to feel in race situations, and I was presently surprised.” – said Janssen, talking about the thumb injury he sustained in New York one week ago.

The 20 year old National Pro Am rookie raced 3 classes on this day: Pro Am Production, Production A and the 14+ Open class. He went on to win all 6 motos he entered by over 40+ seconds each. It was a good showing and a fun weekend for Cody, signing autographs and getting to hang out with fans as well.

The local race was a good opportunity for Cody to make sure his thumb was not going to be an issue going into his favorite race of the year at Red Bud in Buchanan, MI. “I’m so pumped up for this race, I’ve been waiting for it all year! I dominated there last year, so I hope for a repeat performance for sure.” Look for Cody atop the podium this weekend in Red Bud as he mounts his charge for top 3 overall in Pro Am Unlimited points. God bless.