It’s under a sunny and hot day that we raced last week-end at Tring-Jonction Qc. The weather was really hard on riders and ATVs (40C /104F). We were  17 riders on the pro line. I had a bad start, my bike only starting after 3 kick while all the other riders got in front of me.  The track was really dusty and visibility was very bad. On the first lap, I got scanned in 7th and after the first half of the race I was able to move to the second spot. It took me 3 laps to make the pass on my teammate Karl Leblanc. I ran the last lap in first position to the checkered flag and to my 3rd win in a row.

You can check some GO-Pro videos of my first lap:

Part 1 —-
Part 2 —-

Race Results

  1. Pierre-Yves Deneault
  2. Karl Leblanc
  3. Charles Laviolette
  4. David Piché
  5. Samuel Peloquin

Series Overall (pts)

  1. Pierre-Yves Deneault    87pts
  2. Charles Laviolette         71pts
  3. Karl Leblanc                  70pts
  4. David Piche                   69 pts
  5. Yan Larose                    66pts

Next week on July 28th will be Round 5 and beginning the second half of the season.