My name is Cody Janssen, and I am a Pro-Am ATV racer from Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Over the past years I have experienced great success with my Elka Suspension products. I have been teamed with Elka since 2003. In 2007 I won the production lites national championship, as well as won over 100 motos in the Wisconsin Pro-Am series. In 2008 and 2009 I won the 450A and 16/24A classes at every national I was able to attend, including Red Bud, Sunset Ridge, and Pleasure Valley Raceway. I was able to win over 100 races each season and was the Wisconsin Pro-Am Champion. In 2009 I entered my first Pro-Am National Event and finished in the top 10.

The 2010 season was the toughest year to date, encountering injuries and freak mechanical failure. Due to a separated shoulder, I was only able to attend one national, which was Sunset Ridge’s National in May. In the 450A class I won both motos convincingly. In the 16/24A class I won my first moto by nearly 30 seconds. In the second moto, while passing for the lead I came together with another rider and ended up crashing out of the race. Finally in the Pro-Am Unlimited class I was sitting in 3rd place in my qualifier when we had an unpredictable mechanical failure, which ended my chances for an overall podium for the weekend. Locally I have won every race I have attended this season. Looking toward the future, I want to be a Pro-Am National Champion as well as Pro Champion. For the 2011 season, I will be competing for the Pro-Am Unlimited and Pro-Am Production National titles. I believe with my work ethic, as well as the will to win, anything is possible.

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Finally, I must thank the people who have helped me develop as a racer, but as a person as well. First and foremost, I have to thank my lord Jesus Christ. Secondly, Elka Suspension has been with me since the beginning of my serious racing career. Elka believed in me since the start, and I look to continue building my relationship with Elka Suspension. I want to continue representing Elka Suspension as well as I possible can on and off the track. I would also like to thank my Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Janssen, everybody at Janssen Motorsports, Hinson, DWT, Blue Leasing, Scott Goggles, JB Racing, Rath, Kal-Gard, DP Brakes, ITP, my trainer Terry at Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, and everyone else who has backed me over the years, thank you so much. Look for me atop the Pro-Am National podium in the 2011 season. God bless.