PB46CR-HSLS-SXSThe pioneers of arftermarket suspension for SXS have recently developed some cool new products and simplified their lineup, dramatically reducing the price tag along the way by as much as 30%. All their front and rear SXS shocks are now offered in 46mm body diameter as standard, in 4 configurations:

STAGE 1 : Non-reservoir, preload adjustable, $345 /ea.
STAGE 2 : Reservoir, Preload adjustable, $445 /ea.
STAGE 2+ : Reservoir, Preload and Rebound adj., $545 /ea.
STAGE 4 : Reservoir, High/Low-Speed Compression, Reb., $595 /ea.

A complete list of all compatible vehicles and a-arms is available for download here: https://www.elkasuspension.com/downloads/applications/ELKA-APP-SXS.pdf

For more information, go online at: www.elkasuspension.com or call 1-800-557-0552.