Congratulations Cole for grabbing both championship!

Here’s a resume of the season from Cole:

The 2013 season proved to be the roughest season, for myself, to date. Right away the season started off bad with a mud race in Georgia that resulted in two DNF’s. So with that we headed to round two hoping for some better luck. In the first race I took a tumble but got up in time to get a 3rd. When I went up for the next moto that day I felt funny and couldn’t run my pace and got another 3rd later that evening we found out that I had a severe concussion. The next day feeling well enough to ride I took a moto win in Schoolboy Jr. Open for 2nd overall, in Schoolboy Sr. I got a 3-2 for a 2nd overall. Heading to round 3at Ballance MX we knew we needed better performance to get back into the championship battle. Bad luck struck again when we had a equipment malfunction that led to a 6th in Schoolboy Sr. at least we had a good track in Schoolboy Jr. Open that led to a dominating moto 1 win. When Sunday rolled around we found ourselves needing to win but with more mud we only got a second in Schoolboy Sr. for a 3rd overall then riding a very smart race in the rain got 1st overall in Schoolboy Jr. Open.

At round 4 we still couldn’t get a break in moto 1 of the day, Haedyn Mickelson and I collided in the air which made myself get ejected and dropped out of the sky which gave me a contusion of the lower back which meant any racing for the weekend was gone. With the championships slipping away we headed to round 5 at Sunset Ridge IL. I had a respectable 3-2 in Schoolboy Sr. for a 2nd overall but it wasn’t what we needed. In the Jr. class we had a dominating moto 1 win but with the mud got 2nd in moto 2 for a 1st overall. At round 6 in Danville VA, we had a rain out for Friday and Saturday so it all came down to Sunday where I won in both classes. Round 7 at Steel City we kept the winning streak alive with a 2-1 in Schoolboy Sr. and a 1-1 in Schoolboy Jr. Open. Now with the championships back within reach we struck bad luck again at Unadilla NY. Saturday I got both class wins, but Sunday in the Schoolboy Jr. Open class I hit a hole and went for a ride till I was smashed into a whoop. This gave me a severe concussion with no recollection of the moto as well as a contusion and sprang of the A.C. Joint and ligament. Thinking the Schoolboy Sr. championship was gone we headed home, but when we did the math on the points we found out that if I won all remaining races I would win the championship by 1 point. When we headed to our home track of Redbud I had one thing on my mind, win. That’s exactly what I did with all 4 moto wins. Now headed to Loretta’s we knew I had to win Schoolboy Sr. and take 3rd or better in Schoolboy Jr. Open. Saturday we won both classes so the pressure was on for Sunday. While in staging for Schoolboy Jr. Open it started to heavily rain, with only needing a 3rd I ran a smart race and went 1-3 for a 2nd overall and clinched the National Championship. By the time Schoolboy Sr. was up the track was already cut in and had good racing conditions. I got the holeshot and kept the lead all the way to the checkered flag to claim the Schoolboy Sr. championship and my 6th national championship of my career. This year was full of adversity but with passion and perseverance you can do anything. I have always had the same motto

“Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about”

and this season using that motto helped me clench two more class championships.


Cole Sepesi