Attica, IN (28 août 2021) Faites-en sept ! C’est exact! Sept courses et sept podiums consécutifs pour l’équipe Polaris RZR/Yokley Racing. Le Pro XP montre sa domination dès la deuxième année de production de l’unité.

Operating under the Yokley Racing umbrella, Pilot, John Barnes is driving the fire out of the RZR Pro XP. On this day at IXCR, starting from row 1, Barnes fired off to a fifth place start. Making moves in the first field section, the team moved into third. (The photo below shows the track condition in the first 1000 feet right after the start of the race as the team made moves into the top 3.)

Moving into second place in the first lap, Barnes maintained that position for the first 3 laps. Barnes commented,” This year, I am working on my patience. I knew an opportunity would come to move into the lead.” That time came on lap three when the leader hit a tree, and Barnes was able to cut a new line of trail through some brush and into the lead.

Once the team had fresh air, it was time to put some hot lap times in to pull a lead. Taking the checkers, the Polaris backed team had pulled over a minute on the field in the Pro XP. Mission Impossible was possible for RZR is 2021.

Next up, the team will head to the hills of Tennessee on September 18, 2021 for the inaugural Red Bull Stone Scramble. The second of hopefully many Red Bull cross country events. The first was called the Red Bull Mountain Scramble and was in Pennsylvania back in May.

A big thanks goes out to the 2021 Sponsors:
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