“Nous avons eu un autre fin de semaine de course réussi au Baja 500! 1er en UTV Pro Stock et 4e en UTV Pro Turbo! Nous n’avons eu aucun problème de suspension pendant la course sur les deux voitures! The set-up we ran worked awesome! We are very happy! We did however have an issue with one of the new rear seal heads leaking prior to the race that I feel we need to look into what happen… luckily we had a spare shock to swap it out with. Other than that everything was great! I feel we will be able to utilize this same set-up for the Baja 400 & Baja 1000 and do very well.

Our next race is Vegas to Reno in mid August, where we will be racing the full chassis race car in that event. Thank you all for the support and hard work put into the program! The effort is paying off and are goals are starting to come to fruition! Let’s keep up the momentum and win more races! Thanks again!” – Mike Cafro