Montreal, October 2nd, 2010 – Quebec rider Bobby Desjardins surprised everybody at the Montreal SX by finishing 4th, missing the podium by 1 position.
Having Chad Wienen, Jasmin Plante, John Natalie, Greg Gee, Cody Miller & Richard Pelchat on the same gate, Desjardins knew it would be a hard but exciting race.

He had a very bad start but was able to make a few passes to claim the 5th spot middle of the race. A mistake from Wienen made Elka Suspensions’ rider a comfortable 4th place having Natalie, Pelchat and Miller riding hard in front. Bobby was the only rider that was jumping the huge triple when the track was in good condition so he was able to close the gap on Miller. Unfortunately, the track condition was not good all race long so the gap stayed the same between both. Towards the middle of the race, Wienen came up in 5th and began to charge Desjardins. KTM/PLX Sport/Duroy racer avoided any critical mistakes and was also able to gap Wienen in the whoop section to end the race 9 seconds in front of the United States Cam Am Racer.