”Two weeks ago, the 2021 race season started for WORCS Racing! I was off to a decent start in 5th place, and quickly made my way into 4th behind Jarrod McClure. Beau and Mike had been setting the pace about 10 seconds ahead of us. I knew I needed to get on the podium at the opening round. I was studying where I’d be able to make the pass. He was holding a good pace at the beginning, but I made my way around him at the beginning of the 4th lap!

On lap 9 I made a mistake in the turn before the lagoon jump and did not have the speed I needed to hit the lagoon with confidence. I went ahead and turned that train around to be safe and took the chicken line. You had to be pretty committed to clear that thing. Super gnarly. In the process I fell back to 5th place.

I rode the quad in at a fast pace and didn’t quite have the time I needed to get back into 3rd or 4th. Travis Damon and Jarrod McClure were ripping just as hard as I was at that point. Kept her steady for a 5th place finish and came out safe from the weekend.

I’m alright with 5th that weekend. The class was super stacked with 14 fast dudes. Being that Havasu is as rough and brutal as it is, it was good to come out safe. You can’t win a championship in the first round.

I’m working hard and getting ready for the next one. Riding 4 days a week and getting a work out in 3 days a week as well. I’m hungry for a Pro win this year. I’m excited to be seeing some improvements all around.

The next one is next weekend! Race day is on Valentines Day at Canyon MX in Peoria, AZ! I’ll let you know how that one goes!”

Photos by Harlen Foley of DirtNation Magazine