February 13-14th – Lake Havasu, AZ – Elka pro rider Logan Huff ended up in 3rd place on sunday’s race in Pro ATV. After a crash and a judicious bar adjustement, Huff ended up in 11th place, but got to work and climbed up to 3rd place !

”This past weekend was the 2nd round of WORCS! I ended up pulling off 3rd place on Sunday in Pro ATV. I had a great jump off the line. I was 2nd out of the gate in the first turn. Around the second turn Spooner ran into the back of me, we interlocked wheels, and we tumbled. I was to the inside of the turn and there was nowhere for him to go. Not too sure what he was thinking, but after seeing the GoPro footage, it’s safe to say I had the door shut.

I got off the ground and was so worried about the other 9 quads coming down the line! They’re all pros, so luckily I didn’t get run over! I’m so grateful that I’m okay! That was a super fast pace fall. I had an angel watching over me! Spooner was alright and people were coming so I ran to my quad, flipped it over, and got on the move. Somehow I lost my left hand glove in the crash! Crazy. I went on without it!

My bars were super rolled forward in the clamps, and I couldn’t yank them back. I made the decision to run to my truck and adjust them! That way I could ride at full pace. I had this done and was back on the track within a minute! I entered the track in the same spot I came out, and got to work. I was a couple minutes down in 11th place. I climbed up to 3rd place in front of Sloan! He stopped to get a tire in the pits on lap 8.

During the crash at the start, I bent my rear wheel hub, and debeaded my inner bead to the rear tire. The rear wheel had been vibrating/wobbling sooo bad the whole race. I’m so happy my hub held up for that abuse. Luckily I run TireBlocks and it’s the best run flat system out there. Well 65 Minutes later completely pinned in the hard packed conditions, by the time it was the end of the race, I’d been pretty hard on the TireBlocks. That last lap and a half I couldn’t make left turns for the life of me. Sloan ended up catching me and made the pass on me early in the final lap.

Beau Baron blew up his motor on the last lap leading the race. His misfortune secured me the last spot on the podium at the checker.

I’m very happy to be on the podium! I’ve been working hard to get up there. I wish I had a better start to the race, but it is what it is! I’m glad I came out clean. Hopefully Evan heals up quick.”

Photos by Harlen Foley at Dirt Nation Mag.