AVS & COR Team racing on the Q5, starting on third position on the line at the Ensenada-San Felipe 250 Off Road Record Series Race. It’s known as a difficult race because of the high heat down there in San Felipe; the green flag dropped down at 6:44 am Alejandro Avalos on board for the q5 race bike riding ELKA/ROLL DESIGN the bike was running flawless and was able to arrive to the first PIT at Km 79 RM 50 on first physical place on position to the next rider change Hector Orozco.

Hector jumped on the quad and rode the other 50 miles to Valle of Trinidad where the next pit stop was, he had an excellent run he was a few minutes maybe seconds in front when he hopped on the bike followed by q10 , q2 and q25. When he arrived to Valle of Trinidad he still on first place physical and second in time because q25 was less than 5 seconds behind him, followed by Q2 a couple of minutes behind when the race stopped on the re-start. When the race start Over again on San Matias Hector continues on the bike until de Laguna Salada acess Rm 115 a couple of miles in front q25 makes the pass and puts Hector Orozco on 2nd he continues and gives the bike to Oskar Espinoza so he can ride the next miles, just after he jumped on the bike he pass back again the q25 who broke the bike on rm 119 aprox, so that puts us on the lead again then Oskar handed the bike to Fernando Avalos on first place at race mile 150 were he jumped on the bike having a 3 minute lead on q13 and were able to have a perfect ride all the way to the finish line having a five minute lead on q2 the second quad to arrive to the finish line……… want to thank all our sponsors, BAJA ATV Riders for the prep of the excellent quad, the good combination of two teams AVS/ COR Racing and obviously ELKA for the excellent job that those shocks did on the toughest Baja part (San Felipe’s whoops)

Race Date 6-22-13