High temperatures and dust, that was the main characteristic of World cup finals in Val di Sole. The roughest track of the whole circuit pushed the riders and the material to their limits. I managed to equalize my best result from Windham(USA). After a bit slower upper part I smashed a bit harder at the bottom and finished 32nd again.

It was the last World cup this year, so I didn’t take the things easy. The conditions were hard, tho. Extremely hot and a lot of dust. Sometimes it felt like riding in snow. You hit the deep stuff and get out of control because you really didn’t know what are you going over. That’s what happened to me in last woods, I was a bit wild and wide over there. I’m actually happy with my run except I overbraked a lot of lines to stay safe and try not to fall.


I will hopefully be able to upload a video of me and Adam in Val di Sole soon. Stay tuned!