Maximilian Freund Titled 2010 Germany GNCC Champion 

After an incredible 2010 GNCC season, Yamaha Quad-Briel Racing Team manager Matthias Briel is proud of Maximilian Freund’s extreme performance and determination. Freund earned his second consecutive GNCC Championship riding this years championship-winning Yamaha 450R. With continuous Championship titles, there’s no doubt that Yamaha Team Quad Briel is on top of their game, and will remain a top competitor in the seasons to come.

Maximilian has sustained major knee injuries the final month of the competition, and has successfully undergone surgery. Yamaha Team Quad Briel was ecstatic, that although Freund could not race the last two races of the season, he still managed to bring home the GNCC Championship. “I am glad that it worked out. I had a difficult season with many failures and disappointments in the Quad Cup, so I am pleased with the GNCC Championship,” states rider Freund. Riding first place five races in row, Freund tallied enough points to win the GNCC Series. With his ex-racing colleague Kevin Ristenbieter in 2nd place riding KTM, and Polaris Frank Geiling in 3rd, champion Freund fought hard along top-racers and has earned a reputable image as atop-favorite rider in the Quad racing scene.

Yamaha Team Quad Briel is a team of champions with a strong teamwork ethic and industry expertise.

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